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Pug Mill Conditioner

Pug Mill Conditioner
The DIGIDALE upgraded pugmill-designed specifically for high calcium Fly ash applications enables the continuous silo unloading of fly ash while minimizing fugitive dust.
Features -
  • Precisely controlled and evenly distributed moisture addition
  • Efficient mixing and continuous throughput using proven paddle design
  • Hinged, counterbalanced top lid with inspection door and hinged inlet and outlet doors to improve access
  • Externally mounted nozzles and water supply manifolds for imĀ­proved access and maintenance
  • Superior Wetting System Design
Optimal mix of water
The amount of water supplied to the spray nozzles is critical, so it is controlled by a flow regulating valve for finite adjustment of water supplied to the vessel. The amount of water can be adjusted in relation to the ash feed. Throughout the conditioning process, The wetting system includes externally mounted spray nozzles that inject a fine mist of precisely controlled water into the mixing area of the pugmill.
Isolation curtain to contain fugitive dust
In addition to the water control, an isolation curtain compartmentalizes the inlet section from the mixing area to contain fugitive dust in the mixing area.
Unique nozzle arrangement
Our pug mill's unique nozzle arrangement allows for proper water distribution inside the mixing chamber for conditioning the ash
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