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Blow-Thru Rotary Air Lock Valves

Rotary Air Lock Valve
Blow-thru rotary valves are used for introducing fine free-flowing material into pneumatic conveying systems. The valves in this series have been designed for applications with certain non-abrasive materials, where the product required an assist to remove it from the vane pockets. Meets low headroom requirements. The valves itself becomes a direct component of the pneumatic system.
Valves for line sizes from 1 to 6 inches available. Fabricated or cast construction. Rotors are eight-vane, partially-filled type. Fabricated construction. Rotors with adjustable tips are available as an option. Inspection ports can be supplied and are recommended when adjustable tip rotors are used.
Rectangular blow-thru valves are used for systems requiring greater capacity without increasing the overall height. Standard models are available in double widths other sizes can be supplied on special order.
Features -
  • Operation :- heavy-duty operation to 15 psig, and temperatures up to 250 f.
  • Construction :- cast iron, fabricated carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Rotor :- 8 vanes, open ends, fabricated construction. Types : partially-filled, with or without adjustable tips . Oblique v-shaped cross section .
  • Flange :- square or round inlets.
  • Blow-thru line :- supplied with plain ends for compression couplings.
  • Bearings :- sealed, heavy duty, ball bearings.
  • Packing :- three ring shaft packing glands with square braided asbestos and teflon .
  • Drive :- first quality, parallel-shaft gear motor, side mounted, 3 phase. 60 hertz, 230 �€“ 460 volt, totally enclosed includes : sprockets, roller chain, and safety guard
Notes -
Blow-thru valves are available in either cast or fabricated construction. Inspection ports are available if specified on fabricated models only. Inspection ports are recommended for use with adjustable tip rotors.
Square or round inlets are standard. Blow-thru lines are furnished with plain ends for compression couplings. Flanges can be furnished if specified.
Valve size based on blow-thru line size and flange dimensions . Eg,
For style 1 valves.
  • 1st designation - line size (o.D.) in inches;
  • 2nd designation - “bt” for blo-thru valve;
  • 3rd designation - valve flange size in inches.
  • Capacity is based on partially filled rotors
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